Milk Beach - Australian Cafe and Natural Wine Bar


MILK BEACH is a café and wine bar in Queen’s Park, London. We source specialty coffees from around the world that are traceable to the farm, and carefully roast them ourselves. We source organic and natural wines from independent winemakers whose stories we admire. We serve brunch all day and sharing plates in the evening - inspired by the diverse cultures that make up Australia. MILK BEACH is a place that is open and sociable and we look forward to meeting you.

House roasted espresso in the cafe.
Coffee cherry trees in Ethiopia.
Female workers at a coffee cooperative in Ethiopia where Elliot worked with the Bill Gates Foundation and Technoserve to help cooperatives access financing to purchase better equipment to improve the quality of their coffee and export at higher prices.
Filter coffee and a flat white at Milk Beach cafe.


MILK BEACH sources specialty coffee from around the world that is traceable to the farm or co-operative. We carefully roast the coffee ourselves in small batches every week. We don't wholesale so our coffee is only available to enjoy at MILK BEACH and you can purchase bags in the cafe to take home. 

Elliot Milne and Matthew Robley-Siemonsma are two of the founders of MILK BEACH.

Matthew is a two-time UK Roasting Champion. Over a ten year career in coffee Matthew has played instrumental roles at both Prufrock Coffee and TAP Coffee. 

Elliot worked in Ethiopia with Technoserve and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help set up the Coffee Initiative Project. The project helped coffee farmers access sustainable financing to purchase better equipment and improve the quality of their coffee. This allowed them to sell on international markets at significantly higher prices. The profits were used to fund local schools, healthcare and infrastructure. It is a huge privilege for us to purchase and sell coffee from the farmers Elliot once helped.



19 Lonsdale Road, London, NW66RA, UK
+44 208 144 8277